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Residential Care

Thomas Holt offers a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle at our residential care facilities to ensure you love where you live.

We provide care and support services to maximise your independence and wellbeing from:

  • Low level support services with personal help for day-to-day living
  • Through to 24 hour care for those with higher care requirements.

We offer a range of Residential Care services depending on your needs and circumstances.

Our beautifully furnished homes have one very important common theme: Our amazing caring and skilled staff! 

Our promise to you is to live your life with Independence, Choice and Wellbeing.

Our staff are proud of their skilled ability to provide great person-centred care and activities.  No matter what your needs or choices are, we will have the right home for you.

We pride ourselves in our ability to offer very specialised care particularly for those people living with Dementia and for those people and their families who require all of our love and support when the time comes for end of life.

Multi Award Winner

for care and Innovation

Choice, independence and

wellbeing is our promise

Your Home
is where your heart is