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LiveCare360 Nominated for the 2018 iTnews Benchmark Awards.

Congratulations to Thomas Holt for its Live care 360 Nomination for the 2018 iTnews Benchmark Awards.

Winners will be announced at the 2018 CIO Edge Experience on February 20-22 at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne.

Thomas Holt's aged care residents were becoming increasingly more technologically-savvy than the provider that was responsible for their living services.

The not-for-profit saw the writing on the wall and took the opportunity of the greenfields build of its new Seymour Shaw residential care home to change things.

Now, residents at the facility are surrounded by  sensors, circadian rhythmic lighting and wearable devices, all interacting with Thomas Holt's centrepiece LiveCare360 platform to provide a single, holistic view of the individual.

Importantly, the system is reaping benefits not only in terms of healthcare and illness prevention, but is also giving its baby boomer customers the same lifestyle they'd had outside of the care facility.

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