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If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to call one of our support staff on (02) 9545 4799


Volunteers are invaluable in helping Thomas Holt achieve its core objective of being the leading organisation in the provision of excellent services for older Australians.

As a volunteer, you are part of a team of staff and volunteers working together to achieve high standards and to create an environment where residents and community client’s feel valued, cared for and secure.

Volunteers share their time and talents to enhance and support Thomas Holt programs and help maintain a high standard of service. In turn, Thomas Holt provide a range of volunteering opportunities and experiences.

You may get involved by:

  • Visiting residents, particularly those who have few, or no, family and friends
  • Assisting residents at meal time
  • Assisting residents with recreational activities
  • Driving the bus
  • Pastoral care
  • Taking residents on outings
  • Assisting with our fetes and stalls

If you feel you may be able to assist please contact us at or phone (02) 9545 4799.

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